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Miami-Dade Campus Center by Oppenheim


If you are a ”Miamian” you know how Downtown Miami suffers for a change. Biscayne Boulevard which goes along the shoreline, has been going through some changes lately. New developments are being built and the land-value had been incredibly increasing.


The upper floor directly view the Miami port and south beach. However the most spectacular aspect of the building is the hollow space between the two towers. It frames not only the bay view for the buildings behind but also downtown view for South beach.


Miami-Dade College resides on three different campuses in Miami. All the other campuses hold a different aspect including the downtown campus which is the most popular downtown campus in South Florida. Urban life has not grown much around Florida, so I think locating such campus in downtown is a great development. In addition to the fact that this building contributes to Biscayne Boulevard value, Downtown itself contributes great deal to Miami-Dade College.



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