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Chilly Gonzales

Is it possible that every random concert you go  turn out to be amazing? I would like to give the credit to lovely city of London.

I had a chance to catch  Chilly Gonzales on a very chilly Tuesday evening, @ Scala. The place is 5 minutes to my flat ( King’s Cross).

I took a quick turn to Rap music, when I realized I was being old fashioned playing piano with classical tunes. Rap is the new era” says Gonzales.

He admits being very politically incorrect;  a Jewish white man swearing and rhyming.

His latest album Ivory Tower is worth checking out if you enjoy electronic rap sound such as RJD2 or Nujabes.

The performance of 2 pianists(inc Chilly Gonzales)  and 2 drummers made the crowd shake some booty. I was also inspired by the performance place; SCALA.

Every stair you take, every door you check opens to a whole new dance floor providing an alternative view to the stage. Watch the live performance however you like: mingled in the stage crowd, vip drinks at glass bar,enjoy side view from the balcony. You can even get lost between the buildings in the basement smoking area.

SCALA – King’s Cross London