As It is in Heaven – Så som i himmelen

Nominated for Oscar, best foreign movie in 2005, As it is in Heaven is the most touching, moving and inspiring movie I have seen in a long time. The movie made me so excited that I never want to lose my passion for life.

The plot is very regular which is the story of Daniel, an incredibly talented and famous conductor. His soul gets exhausted from the chaos and stress of fame he lives in. His tolerance to human beings are so low that he is always angry. The day by day planned life of his gets struck by an heart attack . He wants to get away from all of it by moving to his hometown which he left when he was a kid. Instead of being the center of attention, he wants to watch and experience life in that small and snowy Swedish village.

Little he knows that all he needs is love…

The interesting thing about the movie is that you never see analysis (very different from typical Hollywood movies boooo) . It is the direct dictionary definition of ”a moving film”. Things happen such as fights, drama, sex and violence, but they just happen and pass. You don’t see endless conversations to describe what people feel about things. Things happen and the plot just moves on.

The feelings are transfered to the audience so perfectly by the actors that you do not hear what they feel.

I feel very closely to the movie since it is very similar to what I have been currently going through in my life. I guess I am lucky to have people around me like them..

Once you see the film, I am very positive that you will make a change in your life.

Never miss a chance to enjoy something. Life is too short and our bodies own all the instruments to play the music of life..

Why does it hurt so much?

why does it hurt so much..

w-h-y d-o-e-s i-t h-u-r-t-s-o-m-u-c-h-?

how can i feel so deeply that it hurts?

what does hurt so much?

what hurts ?

what does hurt?

how does it hurt

how can i feel







how does it hurt so inside

what hurts?

The knot hurts..

the impossible


black colored






how does it hurt so much

how does it bleed

how can i feel so much pain

how does it hurt

how does it


im here.