How to Recycle Concrete

Hanil Visitors Center & Guest House / BCHO Architects
by Byoungsoo Cho

The Purpose of this project is to educate visitors about the potential for recycling concrete. In Korea concrete is the primary building material so it is imperative that we begin to re-use, the otherwise waste, concrete as buildings come down and are replaced.

Concrete has been broken and recast in various materials creating both translucent and opaque tiles. The displays will continue to evolve and change at the Information Center as new techniques are developed.

The gabion wall and fabric formed concrete which constitute the main fa├žades of the building, was erected first, and the concrete left over from it was recycled in the gabion cages, on the rooftop for insulation from sun, and as a landscape material at the street and around the factory.

Micmacs–Tire Larigot

Jean-Pierre Jeunet ,director of Amelie , creates another fairy tale for movie watchers. I say fairy tales because no one fights with bad people with such goodness in heart like Bazil and his eccentric friends. In real life I would love to meet people like them just for a change.

~Great minds with humble hearts.~

Apart from the brilliant plot, picture details in the movie are enough to warm your heart. Micmacs is the perfect movie to sweeten a rainy day.