The Illusionist ,L’illusionniste (2010)

It is nice to know that there are still movies out there that can tell you a fairly touching story for 90 minutes with hardly any dialogue. The expressions, the looks, the cities and the people come together to paint a small section of an illusionist’s life in 2010 made ”The Illusionist”.

It is quite hard to understand and follow the character’s deep feelings due to the limited dialogue. What old man and the little girl shares is pretty repetitive throughout the movie. But I believe what makes this movie beautiful is the colorful characters of show business they encounter around Paris, London and Edinburgh.  My favorites are definitely the acrobat triplets 🙂 Enjoy!



A nice time

What do you get out of a week?



Hug from mum

Smile from dad

Hold of your brother

Two warming eyes of a stranger

Friend shoulder to cry on

Laughter from a sad friend

Advise from a new friend

Good food

Delicious Raki

Sharing till the last drop

Drunk mind

Peaceful heart

Salty water

Smelly grass

Itchy sand

Fighting wind

Smiling sun

Winking clouds

You are flying

Flying far away

Leaning right

Leaning left


Then descending

and finally landing…

At the end

You lock them inside

very deep

Plant the seeds in your dreams

and watch them grow

Grow tall

Grow wide

with love…

Les petits mouchoirs (2010)

Nobody is perfect, and nobody is normal. Here are a  couple of friends who are not afraid to expose their mind. The whole experience was that I packed my luggage and went on a vacation with them. It is a heart warming , very realistic and absolutely hilarious movie without even trying too hard.

Spirited Away (2001)

This 21st century Asian film can easily be called as a modern Alice in Wonderland story with the similar kind of genious and imagination. Little brave Chihiro finds herself in the middle of a Bathhouse for faceless spirits to come and enjoy on vacation. She goes through amazing adventures to find her way back to the real world with her parents.

I like when movies to do not direct viewers attention to the strangeness of the imaginative world. They rather focus you on the adventures. This way the fantasy world comes as a bonus for you to enjoy. The modest approach adds more to the value of the movie.Hayao Miyazaki (the director) compose the design of the streets, the rooms and the bathhouse so well that it is very easy to get lost in his world. With extreme hard work and her brightness, Chihiro completes each task she encounters with faceless spirits that each one of them has a unique form.

A 2 hour drift away from the real world is guaranteed with Spirited Away voyage by Miyazaki. Enjoy!

love song by RJD2

Here’s Whats Left by RJD2

You are gone.
I’m so all alone.
Here’s what’s left of my happy home.

“She’ll be back”
That’s what i said
As i stare at the ceiling.

‘Cause i need you baby.
Oh, how i miss you baby. …..

Long Nights

Have no fear
For when I’m alone
I’ll be better off than I was before

I’ve got this light
I’ll be around to grow
Who I was before
I cannot recall

Long nights allow me to feel…
I’m falling…I am falling
The lights go out
Let me feel
I’m falling
I am falling safely to the ground

I’ll take this soul that’s inside me now
Like a brand new friend
I’ll forever know

I’ve got this light
And the will to show
I will always be better than before

Long nights allow me to feel…
I’m falling…I am falling
The lights go out
Let me feel
I’m falling
I am falling safely to the ground

Long Nights by Eddie Vedder