What are you doing at home, stuck on a computer, windows shut close , no air, no sunshine, no excitement?

When was the last time you really looked at what you eat, smelled it, and enjoyed every single piece?

When was the last time you were not in a hurry?

Look at the sky, look at the ocean… they are all alive

Welcome to PONYO ‘s world

where ANYTHING is possible !

Industrial Elegance

Argos, Building for an Electrical Generator at a Cement Factory

by Felipe Gonzalez-Pacheco

The answer to anything is always in nature. I believe that however much the technology develops,  it will never create something that nature cannot.

Architect’s inspiration comes from the primitive bamboo structures. The way the bamboo sticks are put together, is a way of construction for strength.

Obviously it is not the same reason why the architect used a similar texture to the primitive bamboo structure. In this building the woven concrete serves as the skin of the factory.

Do the industrial structures have to be ugly? Or can you create beauty from the ugliness?

The same ”boring” factory, same ”grey” concrete color , but the way Cementos Argos building is done, still gives me excitement as an architectural piece.

Transparent or Solid?

Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library is the largest building in the world dedicated to the containment and preservation of rare books, manuscripts, and documents.

It was designed by Gordon Bunshaft of Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill and is located in New Haven, Connecticut.

So I want to build a library and say ”I want a solid building, but it should receive natural light for perfect reading environment and less damage for the valuable collections inside.” This is the time where an architect goes beyond the standards. The solution to this demand lies on the experimentation of building materials. Glass is not always the answer for light penetration,and so many materials can create such illusions that you could be surprised just like this building.

Made of Vermont marble and granite, bronze and glass, the exterior gives the illusion that the building is completely solid when viewed from the outside. It’s “windows,” blocked in a consistent linear rythmn along the exterior, consist of white, gray-veined marble panes that are one and one-quarter inches thick and are framed by shaped light gray Vermont Woodbury granite. The sleak marble allows for enough light to filter into the interior spaces without damaging the collections.

In total the library presently holds 500,000 volumes and several million manuscripts, and SOM’s design serves to preserve and glorify the billions of words inscribed inside each rare book.

Zodiac / Youth in Revolt / Up in the Smoke

Been a long time since I posted a movie, but that doesnt mean I stopped watching.

Here are the treats of my busy times. Enjoy!


Based on a true story, a clever murderer’s effect on people’s lives in different professions. The ultimate thriller. You never know how long the movie lasts, but the movie sucks you in its fantastic fiction. You willingly put 100% of concentration to every single moment of the movie ”Zodiac”.


A classic Michael Cera movie with a well thought plot. It is a story of a nice kid going bad..real bad.


I do not need to say much about this one.