will you join me?

Terra Incognita by Atlas Sound

I kept guards and caravans close to me
In case one day I’d need some company
I never looked out towards the wind
i never saw the families gathering around

Holy ghost
Tripled host, I saw
Carry me home
On the backs of beasts that drone

Holy sky
Opened up so wide
Carry me home
Scared me to the bone

Celestial crops carry me home
These ancient technologies strengthen my bones
I know a place called love
No one bothered me there, no I was all alone

Will you join me?
Could you possibly be
The one I sought?
The one I fought for?

A place I’d be
Able to see clearly
The beginning and end
I want to begin

Kanalizasyon (2009)

How far can the quality of Television fail? What is it that we watch religiously everyday ? Is it really the media’s fault? Are we blaming the right people , or is it us?  What is the definition of entertainment? Maybe we are exposed to so much information everyday, when we finally go home all we need is some bullshit to empty our minds… Kanalizasyon is one of those movies where you laugh too hard, and think too hard.

The life of a window cleaner changes once he gets a life changing job offer. He loves watching television and now he just needs to come up with show ideas for a tv channel. He comes up with the most ridiculous ideas which look stupid but in fact extremely close to today’s reality. Okan Bayulgen, the lead , is a famous actor, hosting a different show everyday. He basically owns our T.V. experience. This is the movie where he harshly cricitizes the concept that makes him rich.

Korkuyorum Anne / What’s a Human Anyway? (2004)

Movies like these make me so hopeful towards the resurrecting Turkish film scene. Turkish vision is not beaten wives, extreme family dramas, wars and mafias, like most films represent. It is a more ironic version. Life in Turkey is what Korkuyorum Anne pictures sometimes: small neighborhoods where people struggle through life by holding on to each other. They have dramas problems, but they adapt to each other somehow. There is tragedy but people are damn funny.Maybe this is life in general…

I will definetely start following the Turkish director Reha Erdem after this movie. The characters are so developed and real, the feelings are emphasized harmonically bringing out colors of life. For me Reha Erdem’s style reminded me of Jean- Pierre Jeunet  (Amelie , Micmacs, The city of lost children) in this sense. Korkuyorum Anne is highly entertaining and smiley. Truly an original picture.



My Dream House

Designed by Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander, living in this house would be such a lovely experience. And why?


…the stairs

… the amazing wood  carved coffee table

… sofa chair by the daylight coming from the window

…being on a roof attic

… THE leather chair!!

…maybe larger work desk

…awesome storage space

…dreamy beauty corner

and a comfortable bedroom

What else can one desire?

Eagle vs Shark (2007)

What a beautiful love story of two socially challenged people. Very carefully designed scenes wrapped around by stunning scenary of New Zealand landscape. Two losers?! fall in love in this quirky New Zealand romantic comedy and explore their own meaning of getting along.

Idiot with a Tripod

Short film directed by Jamie Stuart .American film critic and screen writer Roger Ebert claimed this short film as a prospective Academy Award candidate. Carefully picked out moments telling a story of  a blizzard scenery in New York City.