Pazar: Bir Ticaret Masali / The Market: A Tale of Trade (2008)

The story begins in an Eastern Turkey border city. The conditions are hard and a A black market trader tries to afford his family while fighting with his alcohol and gambling habit. He often crosses the Acerbaijan border to bring goods and sells in Turkey. He always wonders ”how can I become rich already?”

The director Ben Hopkins benefits from the deep character anaylsis of British movies. Every character is portrayed very clearly ; they express themselves with strong personal expressions.

The performance of every single actor, brings the movie closer to the perfection. The Eastern accent is spoken so well and fluently that the viewer feels warm and more familiar to the culture and social interaction in the area.

The kindness and tenderness of the wife to the struggling husband. The competition between the local traders.A child hearted elderly tired of life. Excitement of winning and dissapointment of losing. At the end of every day a hand reaches out to a cold beer stored outside the kitchen window. The click and the sip..

A joyful movie

Get Him to the Greek (2010)

So an’ sooo funny. I almost got injured lauging to the producer Sergio (P. dIddY) feeling feather while on ”the Jeffrey”.

A movie of constant running, fighting, drinking and puking craziness. The DVD cover calls the movie next Hangover, but I think Get Him to the Greek is a more brilliant ”on the way action” picture with absolutely hilarious actors.

Vavien (2009)

A Turkish dark comedy genious by Durul and Yagmur Taylan. The story is written by Engin Gunaydin. An electrician the husband (Engin Gunaydin) and a cleaning lady wife (Binnur Kaya) live in a small town in Istanbul

The husband is in debt and in love with a woman from a night club.He is unhappy with everything in his life.

The wife is not the brighest person and dependent to her husband. Not to mention the money she is hiding from him.

The moves takes off from a wife murder attempt to the path of a happy life.

The movie makes you chuckle although the overall feeling is sadness. Beautiful scenes portray this unusual series of events happening to an ordinary family.