me NO like

Here are the two movies I wanted to cut myself watching. The reason for this extreme behavior is definetely not because they were dramatic, it is because they were extremely boring and pointless.


First of all this is one of the most depressing movies I have ever seen.  I patiently saw most of the film but then I realized, I have already seen it last year. I remembered how I decided to forget about it all. If you are making a sad movie, at least include good imaging or make a point right? Well no, the movie just leaves you there, hanging and depressed…


In short this is a British Guy Richie wanna be movie. It is trying so hard to be artsy and tough with smart words, but in the end it is a big failure in my opinion. Honestly I have not seen the whole movie because I could not handle the ”oh look at me I am talking for 10 minutes for every reaction which makes me such a cool movie”. By the way the acting is a big reason for this failure. The actors are so not right for their role. Nothing ever happens and it is just a bad constant imitation.