My Dream House

Designed by Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander, living in this house would be such a lovely experience. And why?


…the stairs

… the amazing wood  carved coffee table

… sofa chair by the daylight coming from the window

…being on a roof attic

… THE leather chair!!

…maybe larger work desk

…awesome storage space

…dreamy beauty corner

and a comfortable bedroom

What else can one desire?

Most Beautiful Museum in London

Sir John Soanes Museum

Sir John Soane was a famous architect who demolished and rebuilt three buildings within Lincoln’s Inn Fields, including the building that now houses the museum. The museum was founded whilst Soane was still alive, through an act of Parliament in 1833.

The museum was intended to be used by architectural students who need exploration into history or art and architecture. Besides the priceless collection densely but very carefully placed around the museum, the architecture of the building itself inspired me the most. The museum is mainly a collection of architectural drawings and sculptures by figures such as Piranesi and Robert Flaxman. The basement also contains the sarcophagus of Seti 1. The richness of the collection is overwhelming; You might think that everything is placed randomly, but you are wrong 🙂 Everything was thought through very carefully before placed.

The museum does not include or need artificial light for the exhibition of the pieces. The geniously placed skylights provide natural daylight into the spaces. The daylight is manipulated into the rooms with great success. At the end of your visit I suggest you take a look at the view out of the gift shop window. You could see the roofs of all the skylights of the building.

The picture room include over 100 paintings which might surprise you after seeing the size of the room. The movable panels allow more paintings in and around them. The panel on the right side of the room opens up completely to the adjacent room in order to include that space.

The illusion of the spaces is the magical part of Sir John Soane’s Museum, which is hard to describe in words. In addition to its priceless collection,I believe Sir John Soane’s Museum is one of the most precious museum buildings in the world. Architects, artists, writers and everyone would find something inspiring in that magical building.

PS: There is a special candlelit opening on the first Tuesday evening of each month, 6-9pm.

Adress : 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3BP (close to Holborn tube station)

Seeds for Social interaction

What does an individual get out of the elementary school?

-Distinct education?
-Place to flourish fresh brains?
-First encounter to social interaction?

Erika Mann Elementary school in Berlin,Germany is a response to the third option = a first encounter to the social interaction. The Erika Mann Elementary School is a “needy” school, charged with problems (80% of children without German as a first language, 66% of parents on very low income).

The transformation targeted a lasting improvement that has led to better social skills and self confidence in the children, parents and inhabitants of the district. Kids are very much  involved in the design process which created unpredictable forms and interesting architectural spaces.

”To understand how the school social environment works, one has to look into the hallways.”

Susanne Hofmann Architects

I would love to be an architect like Stanley Kubrick

Today I finished watching 2001 Space Odyssey . I say today because it took me two days to digest all those amazing scenes.

I wish every architect would have his imagination and perception of space making. So far from his movies such as Clockwork Orange and Shining , I have accepted his genius in interior design. The amazing hotel ballroom, creepy hotel rooms, beautiful neon kitchen decorations, creepy houses of murder…

Have you ever thought how considerably rules of architecture would change if the sense of gravity did not exist?? Well Kubrick has! It is not only about floating in the space. In fact it is about a new sense of architectural space. The scene where the hostess is serving the pilots, she walks to the ceiling in order to go to the main kabin because it is upsidedown. That is where it really hit me. We space designers are so lucky to have the gravity. It would have been so much more difficult to at least decide where the floor is.

The technology predictions are all very nice especially because everything is mechanical with lots of buttons.

I wish every musician would have Kubrick’s compositional skills. 2001 Space Odyssey is like a musical made for famous symphonies. A futuristic opera.!

Every scene is so carefully harmonized with the spectacular music.I have never felt that symphonies fit so perfectly with space…

Of course because the feeling classical music gives you is ”infinity”.  You can imagine absolutely ”anything” listening to a concerto.  Space Odyssey 2001 takes the advantage to compliment to the musical pieces. It emphasizes the pieces(opus), rather than shouting out the point of the movie.

It is like life.. If you flow with it, you will have the best of it.

The elegancy of the spacecrafts, dancing planets and singing buttons… 2001 Space Odyssey is BEAUTIFUL . I feel like I could watch the harmony of  music,imagination and visual feast over and over and over again.

Elevated Streets

What if one day the streets are up in the sky? What if the concept of an ”apartment” can go beyond one building?.

I want to imagine a life where I wake up in my bedroom, and walk across the walkway to the other building to have my breakfast in the kitchen. Why can’t it be that flexible? Security issues?  maybe…

Here in this project, the case is different. Hungarian architecture practice atelier peter kis has designed a multi-storey mixed-use complex in the józsefváros district of budapest. ‘práter street’ accommodates shops and retail opportunities on the ground level with apartment units from the first to sixth floor.

The extended terraces allow the circulation inside the building to extend to the neighbor one.

all you need is change

A famous Dutch company hires ”most architecture” to design their new office. The client, BRANDBASE is a brand activation company. Their intention is to decorate the office with recyclable materials.

most architecture goes to the very core of  the idea of ”recyclable” . The solution they come up with is very simple and beautiful in its simplicity : using pallets as the main design material.

The material, wood, gives the office such a warm and informal smell. However the fact that it is a historical Dutch building ,still keeps the serious office environment together. The pallets are used as desks, meeting table, sculpture and even as stairs to second floor. The desks are three dimensional: the pallets start on the floor as the platform and step up to become an office desk.

The second floor is more of a private space for managers. The stairs transform into working spaces once they reach the second floor.

I very much like the simplicity of the usage of the wood pallets for BRANDBASE office design. Sometimes taking an insignificant object, and changing its function completely is all you need to accomplish the extraordinary.

hong kong psi tower

The conceptual design has been developed by British based architect Michael Young. He has been living in Hong-Kong for several years now.

The idea is to build an office complex with luxury apartments for business users and executives overlooking kowloon district.

The building allows to reflect the skyline of Hong Kong with its facade. At the same time the shape is extraordinary. Conceptually the project, based visually on the essence of ancient chinese building techniques, has been carried forward into the 21st century with its multi-faceted surface that change according to weather and light conditions.

Forest of Umbrellas

The village of umbrellas is located near the train station in Cordoba City, Spain.
After a tiring city walk this is a nice place to take a break below or above the shade..Your choice.

The height of the circular forms can be adjusted according to the sunlight. Public is always in favor of gathering spaces with delicious shade. The adjustable height allows the space to be flexible. In short the irregularity of the shade prevents it from being a huge boring space.

This reminds me of the Mexico Pavilion in Shanghai EXPO 2010. Different from Cordoba city, The bottom of the mexican umbrellas were colorful. One you lie down under the colorful shapes, you do not realize how the time passes. Here is what it looks like.