Seeds for Social interaction

What does an individual get out of the elementary school?

-Distinct education?
-Place to flourish fresh brains?
-First encounter to social interaction?

Erika Mann Elementary school in Berlin,Germany is a response to the third option = a first encounter to the social interaction. The Erika Mann Elementary School is a “needy” school, charged with problems (80% of children without German as a first language, 66% of parents on very low income).

The transformation targeted a lasting improvement that has led to better social skills and self confidence in the children, parents and inhabitants of the district. Kids are very much  involved in the design process which created unpredictable forms and interesting architectural spaces.

”To understand how the school social environment works, one has to look into the hallways.”

Susanne Hofmann Architects

Black Swan

Art is beautiful only if you believe it is real. You need to have faith in it.

You have to believe so much that you forget you are believing. And you remember it is the only truth.

Everybody live in their own dreams, it is in your hands to make that dream interesting. I have watched Black Swan three days ago. I still have flashback scenes, and feel the exact thrill I felt when I was watching it.

I do not wish to give any hints about the plot only because Black Swan is not about it. It is about the experience you have while watching it. It makes you live the moment Nina is living, breathe the way she does, desire the way she does,suffer the way she does…

What is your last supper like?

If you knew you will die tomorrow, what would you wish to eat in your last supper?

”london-based designer james reynolds has documented a series of last meal requests
from former death row prisoners. ranging from tubs of vanilla häagen-dazs ice cream
to a single pack of pall mall cigarettes, the collection of photographs offer an insight
into the idiosyncratic nature of human individuals”