Synecdoche, New York

This is a movie within a movie.  A very talented man troubled with women in his life, creates a life sized theater set of his life in New York.

He directs the play, therefore the actor that plays him. Everyone has a replica in his play. Therefore things go reaally strange. A bit difficult to follow but a fantastic movie overall.

Imagine your life put on stage the next day everyday, yourself played by other people. How would you live? What would you feel?


I would love to be an architect like Stanley Kubrick

Today I finished watching 2001 Space Odyssey . I say today because it took me two days to digest all those amazing scenes.

I wish every architect would have his imagination and perception of space making. So far from his movies such as Clockwork Orange and Shining , I have accepted his genius in interior design. The amazing hotel ballroom, creepy hotel rooms, beautiful neon kitchen decorations, creepy houses of murder…

Have you ever thought how considerably rules of architecture would change if the sense of gravity did not exist?? Well Kubrick has! It is not only about floating in the space. In fact it is about a new sense of architectural space. The scene where the hostess is serving the pilots, she walks to the ceiling in order to go to the main kabin because it is upsidedown. That is where it really hit me. We space designers are so lucky to have the gravity. It would have been so much more difficult to at least decide where the floor is.

The technology predictions are all very nice especially because everything is mechanical with lots of buttons.

I wish every musician would have Kubrick’s compositional skills. 2001 Space Odyssey is like a musical made for famous symphonies. A futuristic opera.!

Every scene is so carefully harmonized with the spectacular music.I have never felt that symphonies fit so perfectly with space…

Of course because the feeling classical music gives you is ”infinity”.  You can imagine absolutely ”anything” listening to a concerto.  Space Odyssey 2001 takes the advantage to compliment to the musical pieces. It emphasizes the pieces(opus), rather than shouting out the point of the movie.

It is like life.. If you flow with it, you will have the best of it.

The elegancy of the spacecrafts, dancing planets and singing buttons… 2001 Space Odyssey is BEAUTIFUL . I feel like I could watch the harmony of  music,imagination and visual feast over and over and over again.

Elevated Streets

What if one day the streets are up in the sky? What if the concept of an ”apartment” can go beyond one building?.

I want to imagine a life where I wake up in my bedroom, and walk across the walkway to the other building to have my breakfast in the kitchen. Why can’t it be that flexible? Security issues?  maybe…

Here in this project, the case is different. Hungarian architecture practice atelier peter kis has designed a multi-storey mixed-use complex in the józsefváros district of budapest. ‘práter street’ accommodates shops and retail opportunities on the ground level with apartment units from the first to sixth floor.

The extended terraces allow the circulation inside the building to extend to the neighbor one.

Capricorn Dec 05, 2010

Like a freshly uncorked bottle of Bordeaux, your dreams need time to breathe before you serve them to the world. Instead of spending the weekend finessing and obsessing, put work to the side temporarily. Then, get out and socialize. Stimulating conversations ensue, the types that put the fire back in your belly. Surround yourself with visionaries, artists, and free thinkers. Do any of their ideas make sense on paper? Probably not, but this is so besides the point. Your imagination gets a healthy stretch from these exchanges. You will see where you’ve actually limited yourself by being overly practical and controlling. What would happen if you surrendered to the possibility of magic? For extra credit points, make a vision board for yourself. Tear inspiring images from used books and magazines, and paste them onto a large piece of posterboard. You’ll strike an optic nerve, stimulating your creativity further. Sunday’s New Moon brings a wave of healing energy. You need to forgive someone, for your own sake most of all. Releasing the grudge could take some time, but begin the process now.

All of me

You took my kisses and all my love
You taught me how to care
Am I to be just remnant of a one-sided love affair
All you took I gladly gave
There is nothing left for me to save
All of me
Why not take all of me
Can’t you see
I’m no good without you
Take my lips
I want to lose them
Take my arms
I’ll never use them
Your goodbye left me with eyes that cry
How can I go on dear, without you
You took the part that once was my heart
So why not take all of me