New Acropolis Museum / Bernard Tschumi Architects

”Located in the historic of Makryianni district, the Museum stands less than 1,000 feet southeast of the Parthenon. The top-floor Parthenon Gallery offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the Acropolis and modern Athens. The Museum is entered from the Dionysios Areopagitou pedestrian street, which links it to the Acropolis and other key archeological sites in Athens.”

There is something special about this building. The modernity does not contrast the history.In fact  modern style is used to emphasize the history. The Museum is deliberately non-monumental, focusing the visitor’s attention on extraordinary works of art.

Any building can hardly compete with the historical sacred city Acropolis in Athens. So most of the windows have the view of the highland city. It consists of three layers that are indicated with different materials: The hall , The galleries and the Archeological excavations.

New Acropolis museum sits lower on the ground, across from the hilltop, looks up and embraces the sacred ancient Acropolis city.


Lego Patchwork: what if we make this in Istanbul?

Lately I see these pictures everywhere. If I am not mistaken this is somewhere in Europe.

Buildings and old City Walls in Istanbul have been craving for renovation for years. Some good ,some highly temporary solutions have been made to extend their livetime.Well what if we take a small part of the City Walls and patch the cracks with Lego pieces where structural strength is not needed? or what if we do the same thing for a historical building in Beyoglu?

It is fun, modern and extremely surprising.

Maybe it could help us, Istanbul people, take a break from taking things soooo seriously all the time!

Kemer Country Chillout Festival








Here goes my favorite bands and music style. They blend it all present us on 23 May 2010 Sunday @ Kemer Country Istanbul.

I am super duper excited for it, and sure everybody is going to have a good time.

Music, nature, friends and sweet grass…

Lounge 102

Lounge 102 FM is the reason my drives are brighter and colorful. There are no announcments or talking shows in the air which makes me feel the music deeper.

The djs’  music taste is so broad that it makes every chill-out song in the world a candidate for the Lounge 102 playlist.  The radio station does not have the best signal everywhere in Istanbul, but everything is ok as long as good quality does not get commercialized.

Spanish Pavilion for Shanghai Expo

”a woven basket” is the inspiration of this World Architecture Festival 2009 – Future Project of the Year award wining Expo 2010 project.

I love how a basket can perfectly remind us of Mediterranean culture and especially Spain. Sometimes it does not have to be a direct reference to culture, a small detail that could be seen in daily life can easily represent the country.It is not a ”bull” or ”red color” ,not even ”tomatoes”…

A building covered by woven basket fabric remind me of a small narrow Spanish summer town street. Women walking by, chatting, colorful people…

”The Spain Pavilion is designed to be a hand-weaved wicker basket structure supported by the steel framework inside. “The Basket,” as some have dubbed the pavilion, is “dressed” in more than 8,000 wicker panels in brown, beige, and black. Wicker weaving is a tradition in both Spain and China and the pavilion is like a bridge connecting the two nations. The panels were handmade by craftsmen in Shandong Province, each one unique in design.” explains the main statement of Spain for Expo 2010.

The large scale  baby sculpture sits at the center of the interior of the building. When I look at it ,my first impression is : youth. The importance of youth in a country’s future.

Overall I think this building is the only one that keeps the ties strongly connected to its own culture while still amazes us as an architectural piece in Shanghai expo 2010.