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Spirited Away (2001)

This 21st century Asian film can easily be called as a modern Alice in Wonderland story with the similar kind of genious and imagination. Little brave Chihiro finds herself in the middle of a Bathhouse for faceless spirits to come and enjoy on vacation. She goes through amazing adventures to find her way back to the real world with her parents.

I like when movies to do not direct viewers attention to the strangeness of the imaginative world. They rather focus you on the adventures. This way the fantasy world comes as a bonus for you to enjoy. The modest approach adds more to the value of the movie.Hayao Miyazaki (the director) compose the design of the streets, the rooms and the bathhouse so well that it is very easy to get lost in his world. With extreme hard work and her brightness, Chihiro completes each task she encounters with faceless spirits that each one of them has a unique form.

A 2 hour drift away from the real world is guaranteed with Spirited Away voyage by Miyazaki. Enjoy!


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