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Most Beautiful Museum in London

Sir John Soanes Museum

Sir John Soane was a famous architect who demolished and rebuilt three buildings within Lincoln’s Inn Fields, including the building that now houses the museum. The museum was founded whilst Soane was still alive, through an act of Parliament in 1833.

The museum was intended to be used by architectural students who need exploration into history or art and architecture. Besides the priceless collection densely but very carefully placed around the museum, the architecture of the building itself inspired me the most. The museum is mainly a collection of architectural drawings and sculptures by figures such as Piranesi and Robert Flaxman. The basement also contains the sarcophagus of Seti 1. The richness of the collection is overwhelming; You might think that everything is placed randomly, but you are wrong 🙂 Everything was thought through very carefully before placed.

The museum does not include or need artificial light for the exhibition of the pieces. The geniously placed skylights provide natural daylight into the spaces. The daylight is manipulated into the rooms with great success. At the end of your visit I suggest you take a look at the view out of the gift shop window. You could see the roofs of all the skylights of the building.

The picture room include over 100 paintings which might surprise you after seeing the size of the room. The movable panels allow more paintings in and around them. The panel on the right side of the room opens up completely to the adjacent room in order to include that space.

The illusion of the spaces is the magical part of Sir John Soane’s Museum, which is hard to describe in words. In addition to its priceless collection,I believe Sir John Soane’s Museum is one of the most precious museum buildings in the world. Architects, artists, writers and everyone would find something inspiring in that magical building.

PS: There is a special candlelit opening on the first Tuesday evening of each month, 6-9pm.

Adress : 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3BP (close to Holborn tube station)


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