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Capricorn Dec 05, 2010

Like a freshly uncorked bottle of Bordeaux, your dreams need time to breathe before you serve them to the world. Instead of spending the weekend finessing and obsessing, put work to the side temporarily. Then, get out and socialize. Stimulating conversations ensue, the types that put the fire back in your belly. Surround yourself with visionaries, artists, and free thinkers. Do any of their ideas make sense on paper? Probably not, but this is so besides the point. Your imagination gets a healthy stretch from these exchanges. You will see where you’ve actually limited yourself by being overly practical and controlling. What would happen if you surrendered to the possibility of magic? For extra credit points, make a vision board for yourself. Tear inspiring images from used books and magazines, and paste them onto a large piece of posterboard. You’ll strike an optic nerve, stimulating your creativity further. Sunday’s New Moon brings a wave of healing energy. You need to forgive someone, for your own sake most of all. Releasing the grudge could take some time, but begin the process now.


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