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all you need is change

A famous Dutch company hires ”most architecture” to design their new office. The client, BRANDBASE is a brand activation company. Their intention is to decorate the office with recyclable materials.

most architecture goes to the very core of  the idea of ”recyclable” . The solution they come up with is very simple and beautiful in its simplicity : using pallets as the main design material.

The material, wood, gives the office such a warm and informal smell. However the fact that it is a historical Dutch building ,still keeps the serious office environment together. The pallets are used as desks, meeting table, sculpture and even as stairs to second floor. The desks are three dimensional: the pallets start on the floor as the platform and step up to become an office desk.

The second floor is more of a private space for managers. The stairs transform into working spaces once they reach the second floor.

I very much like the simplicity of the usage of the wood pallets for BRANDBASE office design. Sometimes taking an insignificant object, and changing its function completely is all you need to accomplish the extraordinary.


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