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Big-mini world

Welcome to the miniature cardboard room… Maybe not! The intention is to make it look small, but everything in this model is ”life-size” scale.London based studio zag teamed up with the university of arts london to create, hands on an exhibition of works presented as a fantastical shoebox house as part of london design week 2010.

”hands on” exhibition. In order to give it a small scale look, objects such as match-box looking table are used.

The exhibition is colored by bizzare looking objects designed by several artists.

‘leaning chair’ by hector mamet

ceramic plates by robert dawson

silverware pieces by david clarke


One response to “Big-mini world

  1. i have to say that is good thinking it really looks like a real house i kind of need help making a house for my project for school please reply back so i can get it done thanks 🙂

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