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I like to be on the way; just because it frees you.




Today I was on my way to Karakoy Antrepo to visit ”Sanat Limani” that begins today. Seeing that the exhibition will not be open until later in the day I decided to take a walk to Istanbul Modern which is right next door.


Checking out Hussein Chalayan’s temporary art and fashion exhibition, feeling fully satisfied ,we moved along to the temporary photography exhibition.
Murat Germen’s ”WAY” artworks have been at Istanbul Modern since May 26 2010. There I realized I was about to miss the chance to see one of the most beautiful photographs.


The photographs are taken in all over the world including Istanbul, HongKong, Zonguldak, New York, London and etc. Not only are they magnificently taken shots but the themes of the pictures reflect the culture of their location. I am especially inspired by the Istanbul shots and the way they are constructed.


postponed desires,2009,hong-kong

Murat Germen uses several creative ways to play with the photographs and the solution is Perfect Compositions!!
There is only 19 days left until the show ends. Here are my favorite pieces, but there is definitely more to see in Istanbul Modern.

photographs are copyrighted by Murat Germen


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