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EXPO 2010 : Shanghai Dream Cube Pavilion

Shanghai Corporate Pavilion construction has recently been finished. Millions of LED lights cover the exterior of the pavilion, which is made from recycled materials, such as used CD covers.

The entire facade of the building is covered in an LED array that can be changed on a whim, but — and here’s where it gets cool — the lighting scheme is determined by people interacting inside the building. Computers aren’t controlling the lighting, people are with their actions, like waving their arms and clapping their hands!

While Shanghai is counting down till the grand Expo 2010 opening, I would like to introduce you with some of the highlight buildings of the organization. I have just returned from a 8 day trip from Shanghai, and despite my begging for hours in front of the Expo entrance, I was refused to let in before the opening which is 1st May 2010. I am hoping to get a chance to see this spectacular organization before its ends.

Well, there are many amazing designs to mention in this years Expo, but there are buildings and there are ”BUILDINGS” 🙂

So here is the Shanghai Dream Cube pavilion, that goes beyond architecture and introduces us to the world of humanistic technology.


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